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24-28 SEPTEMBER 2018

2-9 SEPTEMBER 2018

International Autumn School

“Circumpolar living standards of indigenous people: traditions, health and globalization”



5-11 JULY 2018

International Conference and Early Career Scientists School on Environmental Observations, Modeling and Information Systems ENVIROMIS-2018

March 2017

Interregional Conference

“Current state and prospects for the development of a network of specially protected natural areas in industrial regions"

dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Nature Park "Numto",

Surgut, Russia



19–29 June 2017

V International Field Symposium

“West Siberian Peatlands and Carbon Cycle:
Past and Present”

International Conference

“Carbon Balance of Western Siberian Mires in the Context of Climate Change”

19 – 29 June, 2017

Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia


7-21 July 2017

Fourth International Research-Educational Summer School

“Natural and human environment of Arctic and Alpine areas: relief, soils, permafrost, glaciers, biota and life style of native ethnic groups in a rapidly changing climate”

Tomsk, Russia

June 30 – July 7, 2017

Third International STS Summer School

“Anthropology of Science and Modern Forms of Life”

Camera Ethnography Approach in Studying Laboratory Practices ,

Tomsk, Russia



August 28 – September 1, 2017

Third All-Russia conference with International participation

“Water and Ecology problems
of Siberia and Central Asia”

The conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS,

Barnaul, Russia



August 2017

IV Strategic session of the International Academic Advisory Board of TSU with the participation of foreign invited experts (15 foreign participants) and the II session of the International Council of the SecNet Network. On the basis of the TSU research station Aktru,

Tomsk, Russia



13–16 September, 2017

International Forum of Ecologists – Wetlanders

“The global importance of wetland ecosystems: Landscape-ecological and social aspects”

Tomsk, Russia



October 2017

II Annual Workshop of Siberian Environmental Change Network SecNet

“Siberia in the global context: Winter weather and climate extremes: how can researchers, authorities and local peoples work together to record, predict and adapt?”

In cooperation with the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN Russia), 10 invited foreign participants.

Tomsk – Salekhard, Russia



November 2017

International, interdisciplinary interactive Workshop

“Research, Education and Enlightenmentin the Area of Environmental Change in the Northern Territories”

(within the framework of Russian-British cooperation in science and education). 10 invited foreign participants.

Tomsk, Russia

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